Churro Split

Yeah no bananas on it, we replace it with churros.  At first we served it on a tray… we did not like it since it was not properly holding everything… so we switch to a cup and wow make it so much easier to eat it.

Fresh strawberries in the bottom of the cup, dulce de leche drizzle, two scoops of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce on top, whipped cream and to top it off two made to order churros, one tossed in cinnamon sugar and the other dipped in chocolate. (16 oz cup)


Churro Bites

This one was made by mistake. We had some leftover dough so we made the bites… we put them in a cup to see how they look to sell them like that… kinda boring so we added the ice cream… then the sprinkles… they did not stick to the ice cream so we added the chocolate sauce and voila, perfect size for kiddos and fun with the colors on top.

Made to order little bites of churros tossed in cinnamon sugar, one scoop of vanilla ice cream, chocolate drizzle on top with sprinkles. (9oz cup)


Nana’s Favorite

Ohhh our Nana loves “Cafe Helado” Originally from chile, every ice cream shop carries them. We love it as well so we twisted it by adding a churro dipped in chocolate, that will not get mushy because the chocolate gets hard coating the whole churro.

A cup with dulce de leche drizzle inside and around, two scoops of vanilla ice cream, sweet iced coffee with milk, whipped cream and the special churro on top. (12oz cup)


Churro licious

Why this name… We don’t know…
A perfect  tray full of goodness of your choice and pretty messy when you eat it but worth every bite of it.

Six plain churros with two sauces and two toppings from our menu, sauces to choose from, chocolate, dulce de leche, strawberry, vanilla, nutella and toppings are peanuts, pecans, M&M’s, Oreo Cookies, Reeses, sprinkles and sweet coconut.

Do you think 6 churros aren’t enough? Make 12  and more toppings for extra $.


Tossed Churros

One is never enough… how many times we’ve had customers turning around because one was not enough… a lot.

A pack of 3 is just for you, 6 of them you might share…12 of them are a perfect amount to share… maybe
Crunchy churro in the shape of a loop rolled in cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar.

You can always dipped one of them or all of them in chocolate and add sprinkles for extra $.
We offer dipping sauces of your choice. (3oz portions)


Filled Churros

Our Favorites, we love them, we eat them.

In Chile you will find a churro filled with “manjar” . We call it « Dulce de Leche” (milk base caramel sauce) because it is a more universal name, very similar to “Cajeta”, spice it up with cinnamon sugar on the outside.

All year long we offer Dulce de Leche, Nutella and our NEW addition of Strawberry sauce.

Winter  is Vanilla Cream season filled churros, since it is milk based we can only have it in the winter, yup it gets really cold inside the trailer for us to keep it at  the right temperature. (Available December to March)